Advanced Beginners Classes

Advanced Beginner Gymnastics

Our advanced beginner class requires students to have mastered particular beginner movements in order to register and continue training. It is important to have these movements down so you can build upon the base of the training you have already received and continue developing and perfecting skills.

Through our innovative coaching methods and training techniques they will be able to push themselves to accomplish more than they could have imagined in gymnastics. There is more focus on individual moves and improving strength, conditioning, and flexibility. Each participant will become a more well-rounded and dynamic gymnast after completing the Advanced Beginners class.

This class is recommended for Girls 6-8 years old.

Advanced Beginner Training

  • Basic Spring Board Diving
  • Flips with Minimal Spotting
  • Enhanced Conditioning
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Perfected Tumbling Manuevers

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