Beginners Classes

Beginners Gymnastics

Our beginner class is recommended for girls ages 6-8 or 9+ that want to learn the basics of gymnastics and what the sport is like. They will also learn all about basic body position jumps and drops onto trampolines. They will learn what spatial awareness is and will practice using and understanding it, while learning these basic moves. Spatial and body awareness becomes even more important as they advance and learn new movements and techniques associated with gymnastics.

These beginner skills will also create a foundation for fitness involvement that will benefit them in more than just gymnastics. Children that are active in organized sports and physical activities often show more developed social skills, higher self-esteem and confidence, better focus and problem solving skills, and even more regular sleep habits.

This class aims to build a foundation of skills and safety with an emphasis on fun when participating in gymnastics now and in the future.

Beginner Gymnastics Movements:

  • Handstand forward rolls
  • Handstand to bridges
  • Bridge down to mat
  • Cartwheels and round offs
  • Coordination and balance
  • Strength and balance

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