Prebouncing Trampoline Classes

Prebouncing Trampoline Class

Our Prebouncing classes are designed to help our younger gymnasts learn the basics of trampoline bouncing and become comfortable with the body control needed for spinning, twisting, and their spatial awareness while on the trampoline. They will also build the strength and confidence needed to continue to learn more advanced skills and techniques.

Prebouncing Benefits

Prebouncing will help develop air awareness skills that will crossover to many other sports. Particularly for board sports such as snowboarding, Kite boarding, or wake boarding. It is also beneficial for skiing, BMX, and skateboarding. They can utilize our large foam pit and we even have training boards for practicing tricks!

Prebouncing classes are recommended for both boys and girls ages 6-8.

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Check out our schedule for a complete list of our open prebouncing classes. Attendance is limited and we recommend signing up early! Please contact us with any questions.

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