PreSchool Classes

Preschool Gymnastics

Our class will help your preschooler learn the very basics of gymnastics, while also developing motor skills in a playful and fun environment. We have two groups of preschool classes for ages 3-4 and 4-5 years old. We do require parent participation in our toddler classes and believe participating with your toddler is a fulfilling and fun activity.

Our pre-school class will focus on developing the motor skills that young children need in order to participate in sports and stay active and healthy. They will also begin building self-confidence and creativity by stimulating their minds through our planned activities.

Fundamentals of Gymnastics for Preschoolers

  • Motor Skills
  • Balance & Flexibility
  • Strength & Agility
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • FUN!

Our 4-5 year old class gives children an opportunity to interact with just an instructor and other children. This exposure will help them develop social skills, while continuing to improve the basic motor skills they've learned in the toddler class. This class will challenge them to overcome any fears or apprehension to gymnastics equipment and experiences. They may also discover or display an interest in a specific type of gymnastics or other sport.

Both age groups will finish the class knowing more about what they are capable of accomplishing, which in most cases is more than they imagined. This helps build their confidence early in life, so they can achieve greater things and make good decisions as they grow up.

Safe and Secure Facility

Our facility is covered in padding, assuring your child will be safe while they're at Aerials Gym. We also have security cameras set up throughout the gym with monitors in our lobby, so that parents can see exactly how the classes are going and what their child is doing.

View Our Schedule and Get Registered!

We invite you to check out our schedule and see when the next preschool class is offered. Our classes often fill up quickly, therefore we encourage signing up as early as possible. Please contact us with any questions!

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