Private Lessons

Private Gymnastics Classes

If our current schedule doesn't work for you or your child we are available for private lessons. We recommend that your child is exposed to at least some group activities so that they can develop the social skills and group exposure that will help them in other team oriented sports and everyday life.

The schedule for private lessons will always vary due to scheduling and the desired focus for the lessons. We are very willing to work with you and schedule whatever kind of private lessons you need within a schedule that works for both you and the coach that you will require.

Private Lessons Offered:

  • Tumbling Lessons
  • Cheerleading Lessons
  • Spring Board Lessons
  • Trampoline Lessons
  • Tramp & Tumbling Lessons

Get Registered for a Private Class!

We invite you to fill out our private lesson request form to learn what classes and schedules are currently being offered. Please, contact us with any questions, special request, or additional details that we may need to know.

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