Spring Board Diving Classes

Spring Board Diving Class

Whether you're training to dive into pools or just want to learn spring board diving, our experienced coaches can help you excel. Participants will learn key attributes such as visual spotting, takeoff techniques, twisting, and landing techniques. Our innovative and fun training plans are designed to help you reach your goals!

Diving techniques & Training

Our innovative spring board diving class can be a great benefit to divers. The techniques learned will help perfect their routines and reach beyond any expectations they may have. We focus on air awareness, body control, and flexibility as fundamental training points. Several Aerials spring board divers have used their skills to earn college scholarships to join diving teams.

Types of Dives

  • Forward or Backward
  • Reverse
  • Inward
  • Twister
  • Straight
  • Pike
  • Tuck
  • Free

Spring Board Diving Instructors

Our experienced coaches are two of the best in the area as well as the country. They have had success in diving and trampoline training and know exactly what it takes to succeed in either sport.

Class Schedule

  • Please call our office for dates and times

View our Schedule and Get Registered!

View our schedule for more information about our Spring Board Diving Class. Space is limited, therefore we recommend signing up early as classes often fill up quickly. Please contact us with any questions!

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