Trampoline Only Classes

Trampoline BOYS Only Class

Our trampoline only class focus on every aspect of trampoline gymnastics. This class will go into great detail for all of the fundamental basics for practicing trampoline gymnastics. We will also progress into more difficult movements and can work on specific extreme sport techniques used by many of the most popular athletes in snowboarding, skiing, wakeboarding, and kiteboarding.

We have the best trampolines that are available and expert coaches that know how to use them. Our facility is also padded everywhere, so if you happen to miss the sweet spot you know you will always land safely, wherever that may be!

Basic Fundamental Trampoline Movements:

  • Trampoline Techniques & Spatial Awareness
  • Body Control
  • Flips
  • Spins & Twists
  • Off Axis Movements
  • Jumping for height
  • Utilizing multiple trampolines
  • Basic drop in techniques

Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

Our trampoline only class can greatly benefit extreme sports athletes, especially those involved in snowboarding, skiing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, diving, and gymnastics in general. You will be exposed to several new and sport specific off axis movements and freestyle techniques.

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We encourage you to view our schedule for details about our Trampoline Only Class. Attendance is limited and classes fill up quickly due to the rising popularity of the sport. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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