Create Your Gymnastics Workshop

At Aerials Gym we believe in continually challenging and pushing oneself to new limits that you may not have thought possible. We strive to offer as many classes as possible, but for those who may be more experienced and possibly have taken all of the classes offered, we can also work with you to create your own workshop. In the workshop you create, we can teach the fundamental techniques of something new or focus extra on more advanced skills.

Past Workshops:

  • Backfilp Clinic
  • Tumble Workshop
  • Trampoline Only Basics
  • Parkour/Free Running Techniques
  • Cheerleading Workshops
  • Snowboard, Wakerboard, or Kiteboard Training
  • Off-Axis Movements and Tricks Training

No idea is too simple or too crazy. We will always do our absolute best accommodate your idea and needs so that your Aerials Gym experience is challenging, educational, and most importantly, fun!

We encourage you to visit one of our open gyms or sschedule a free week trial to get ideas about the workshop you want to create!

Complete Our Create Your Own Workshop Request Form!

Complete this Create Your Own Workshop form and we will contact you about the details for your request. We just ask that you be as detailed as possible when completing the form so that we can help you make your workshop a reality!

Fill Out the Form to Create Your Own Workshop


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