Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do participants need to register for a class or attend open gym?

You do not need any previous experience to register for beginner level classes or attend an open gym. You just need an interest in learning gymnastics and a good attitude!

What should I bring to class or open gym?

Make sure your required waiver is filled out on-line (names will be checked each time) Waiver is good for 1 year. Wear comfortable clothes that are ideal for exercising and not too loose fitting, water bottle, and lots of energy!

Can parents stay and watch the class?

Yes, there is a waiting room with chairs and a large window for parents to observe the classes and see everything their child/children are learning.

What if someone gets injured?

We will contact the emergency contact listed on the waiver immediately for any serious injury. Our instructors are first aid certified and experienced in dealing with common injuries.

Please contact us with any additional questions you may have.

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