Gym Safety

The Safest Gym in Town

Our facility has recently undergone renovations to make it the safest and most secure gym in the area. The entire facility is padded, allowing everyone to literally bounce off the walls!

Security Equipment in Place

  • Cameras & Monitors
  • Safety Padding
  • Spring Boards
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Spotting Techniques
  • Experienced Certified Instructors
  • Recent Renovations

Security All Around

We have several cameras that show every angle of our building with monitors in our lobby and waiting room, so that parents can observe all the action without having to be down on the mats!

We encourage you to ask questions about anything you see, in order to learn more about the spotting and training techniques, as well as, the form our instructors use and teach. It is our goal to train your child and help them reach their full potential in a safe environment, so that they can have as much fun as possible!

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