Open Gym Gymnastics

Open Gym Schedule


Friday 1pm - 3pm $10 for 6 and under; $5 for 7 and older; 2 and under free

Friday Night 6pm-9pm $10 for 2 hours/$15 for 3 hours

Saturday Night 7pm-10pm $10 for 2 hours/$15 for 3 hours



Open gym is the time for everyone to come and practice everything they've been learning and most importantly have fun doing it. Our staff will be there to answer questions, help with spotting, and supervise the facility.

FRIDAY Open gym is also a time for class participants to make up any class time that may have been missed. Our hours vary per season, so be sure to check back and mark your calendars.

Open Gym Activities:

  • Sand Volleyball
  • Turf Dodge Ball
  • Outdoor Trampolines
  • Several Indoor Trampolines
  • Jammin' Gymnastics

Open Gym Schedule during the Summer Months WEDNESDAY thru Fridays 1pm - 3pm | All Ages $10 for ages 7 & older; $5 for ages 6 & under

  • Friday  1pm - 3pm $10 for ages 7 & older; $5 for ages 6 & under (Summer Hours Only)
  • Fridays 6pm-9pm | All Ages $10 (2 hours)for ages 7 & older; $5 for ages 6 & under ($15 for 3 hours)
  • Saturdays 7pm-10pm | NIGHT JAMMIN' GYM - All Ages $10 for all ages(for 2 hours)| All Ages $15 (for 3 hours)

See You in the Gym!

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