The Facility

The Facility

Our entire facility is filled with industry leading equipment including trampolines, a foam pit, outdoor training area, and spring board diving equipment. We also have several pieces of equipment used to help students safely learn proper form for flips and bends, as well as, a team of experienced instructors to teach them.

Gymnastic Equipment

  • 13 Trampolines
  • Mini Tramps
  • Spring Boards
  • Outdoor In-Ground Trampolines
  • High and Low Bars
  • Foam Pit
  • Balance Beams

A Safe Facility

Besides having a gym full of top of the line equipment. We also pride ourselves in being the best in safety. You'll be hard pressed to find an area inside our facility that isn't padded or an instructor that isn't first aid certified.

We have cameras throughout the entire building with monitors in our lobby, so you can see the fun that your child is having without getting in the middle of the action.

See for Yourself and Sign Up!

Check out the Gym Photos and see the facility for yourself! We also offer a free one week trial, so your child can experience the gym firsthand and see if learning gymnastics is right for them.

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