Why We're the Best

The Best Gym in West Michigan

Aerials Gym is dedicated to providing a gymnastics experience that will push participants both mentally and physically, and help them build the strength, agility, and understanding of their bodies and spatial awareness that is needed to become a great gymnast. Our classes and camps will also help participants build their self-confidence, motivation, and learn how to push beyond any boundaries they may encounter.

Over the years, we have seen many athletes achieve a high level of individual success, as well as, experience a great amount of team success. The trophy lined walls are only a symbol of the hard work and dedication that our instructors and athletes have given towards reaching their full potential and to making Aerials Gym the best around.

Accomplishments & Equipment

Aerials Gym was the first gym to implement a trampoline and tumbling program. We now have 13 total trampolines throughout our facility. We were the first gym to offer an extreme trampoline class for snowboarders, wake boarders, and skate boarders and we have the best instructors in town. We were the first gym in Michigan to win medals at a World Championship Gymnastics Tournament and currently have more national championships than any other gym in Michigan. We have received these accomplishments through hard work and dedication, and also through the fundamentally based innovative training techniques that our experienced coaches have developed.

Safe & Secure Facility

Safety is our top priority at Aerials Gym. We have equipped our facility with padding that covers nearly every inch of our gym. Our instructors are first aid certified and we also have harnesses that will help beginners get over their fears and inhibitions. Read more about the safety at Aerials Gym here.

We Have Fun!

The most important aspect to Aerials Gym that has led to success and its reputation of being the best gym around, is that we always have fun and are always trying to learn everything we can about gymnastics. It's really that simple!

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